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The Universe gifted me bronchitis

Among other AWESOME things!

To my TL;DR folks...feast your eyes on this video for a summary of this blog post.

Bronchitis is a different beast y'all. One I had never experienced until now.

Ope, side thought: I think I need to take a closer look at the things that lower and boost my immune system because it feels like ever since 2024 started, it has been one thing after another. Never mind, my constant wants and needs that I tell myself surrounding stress management yet I see no action toward.

But back to bronchitis. What the heck?! I actually caught myself dubbing this as the worst sickness I've ever had. And when I learned I could possibly have a cough for up to 3 weeks, I actually doubted my mental and physical capabilities for a moment...I am a warrior but would I be able to handle it?

Well, I made it 10 days so far, with constant symptoms, and I think I am finally starting to see the other side of the rainbow 🌈

The other thing the Universe has gifted me lately, is a chance to be my mom's business manager at AZ Chimney Cakes!

So far, I quite like it! More to come on that front as we dive into a whole new world of experiences. Chimney cakes are a specialty dessert from Europe and we have big, big plans to expand the menu into savory territory and extend hours to a fully operational cafe. Check out the website here and if you are local to the Phoenix area, come in and see us!

July 20th we are having a special event from 12-3pm

To hear more about this business venture, check out Episode no. 6 of my new podcast,

My Wife's Unavailable (available anywhere you get your podcasts)

as we talk about the beginning stages of a transfer of ownership and a brand new life adventure for my mom at the ripe young age of 63! 🥳

Those are the highlights.

As for July, I plan to fully recover from this bronchitis thing, be a part of a successful event at AZ Chimney Cakes and hopefully have my dentist on the podcast. #lifegoals

Until next time,


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